• Staffing

  • The table below summarizes a typical staffing roster of Otecia International resources:

  • Role



    Senior Technical Architect

    Full time

    This resource will serve as a senior technical advisor to the team and to the Customer, and as a single point of contact for all project-related issues.  The senior technical architect will be responsible for setting the overall technical direction for the project, assisting in the design of the technical architecture, resolving integration challenges, and bringing Otecia best practices to bear.  This manager will track and escalate all issues to resolution, plan project tasks, and ensure that the project meets budget objectives.

    Senior Identity Management Consultant

    Full Time

    This consultant will serve in the role of full time technical architect, initially responsible for designing and implementing the foundation technical architecture, serving as the day-to-day technical interface to the Enterprise Services and Security teams.  As the project progresses, this resource will be become more responsible for designing and implementing application integrations with the architecture.  This consultant will be the lead resource responsible for development of any API integrations, if/where required.

    Directory Architect

    Full Time

    This consultant will be responsible for the design and implementation of the directory, including schema, namespace, topology and data synchronization plan.  This consultant will serve as the lead architect responsible for assisting the customer with the implementation of the LDAP directory to support the IDM application.  During design, this architect will primarily interface with the Security groups within the customer to define schema, DIT, etc. and later with the Enterprise Services team when building the LDAP infrastructure.