• Project Timeline

  • Using a medium complexity production deployment as an example, the following Gantt chart illustrates the main phases for a 12-week project.

    Part of the methodology includes several risk mitigation options, which are highly recommended to our customers:

    Product Training – Training is provided to ensure that end users can effectively use the products when the transition to operations occurs. Training should occur prior to the implementation phase of the project.
    Architecture Review – As an option to customers, a third-party architecture review process is available, which allows the project team onsite to validate and verify the design prior to entering implementation. This allows for early detection of potential issues and a validation of other best practices followed in previous projects. This review process typically occurs towards the end of the design phase.
    Production Readiness Assessment – Prior to the final production roll-out customers can engage a team of senior architects to conduct a production readiness on their implementation to get final validation of their deployment and correct any detail in order to assure successful production operation.