• Upgrades and Migrations

  • Are you running an older version of your vendor's Identity Management solution? Are your environments getting out of sync? Are you up-to-date with security patches?


  • Case Study: Upgrade to Oracle Fusion Middleware Identity Management R2 PS3

    Upgrade Oracle Identity Management to PS2 R3. Otecia has developed a Methodology to upgrade IdM using database SQL queries and migrate Access policies to minimize the upgrade time. There are multiple options to upgrade, Otecia will evaluate all options and recommends the most economical option to meet business and technical requirements.

     Migrate Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) users and passwords to R2 PS3 without downtime or lose of passwords. Otecia has developed a tool to read passwords from OIM R1, re-encrypt password, and store in R2 OIM database. In some upgrade projects, we had to create a new environment and not migrate users. There are many technical issues or platforms that can contribute to this decision.

  • Case Study: Directory Services Migration

    Whether you are upgrading your Directory Services (LDAP) installation or migrating to a new platform, we have the tools to migrate your directory data. Some of the most frequently requested Directory Services migration scenarios include:

    • Active Directory to Oracle Unified DirectoryOracle Internet Directory to Oracle Unified Directory
    • Oracle Virtual Directory to Oracle Internet Directory
    • Oracle Virtual Directory to Oracle Unified Directory
    • Oracle Unified Directory to Active Directory
    • Oracle Unified Directory upgrade
  • Case Study: Zero Downtime Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) R1 to R2 Migration

    We have the tools to migrate Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) user data including passwords, organizational structure, and roles from R1 to R2 installations.