• IDM Consulting

  • Aligning Your IAM Strategy with Growing Business Needs

    Most of the time, organizations are unsure how to turn identity and access management (IAM) technology decisions into an investment to drive the business forward. Aligning enterprise IAM with the business roadmap can be turned into a vehicle to help the company achieve its goals.

  • IAM Assessment

    Otecia International can help you gather information about the current state of deployed IAM solution, identifying the desired future state and then comparing both of these against best practices through expert guidance.

  • Deliverables

    • Detailed roadmap and actionable implementation plan
    • Business and technical requirements with detailed use cases
    • Compliance and auditing review
    • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Identity Management projects are unique, they touch every part of your enterprise. Having an Identity Management tool is good but not the first step. We often seen projects fail because the infrastructure is not ready.

    Otecia International is an end-to-end Identity Management and Federated Identity consulting company. Otecia International offers the following:


  • Requirements Analysis

    We help you identify the day-to-day process, enterprise hire and fire procedures, delegated admin model, ACL, define the enterprise Digital Identity profile, Extranet and intranet requirements. Our process includes the definition of an employee, customer, vendor and partner.

  • System Design and Architecture

    We work with you to design a solution that is scalable, secure and meets your enterprise architecture.

    Our design takes into consideration the following:

    Types of the digital identitiesApplication accessLevels of securityFailover and redundancy

  • Installation and configuration

    Otecia International offers senior consultants and architects who are experts in Identity Management technologies. Our partnership with the leading identities management vendors has enabled us to deliver top-quality consulting services in the industry.

    Our consultants are CISSP, MCSE, OCNP, CNE certified and have extensive experience working with identity management projects.

    We will assist you with the cross-environment migration process to implement an Identity Management solution from development to staging to QA to production roll-outs.

    Otecia International has developed industry-recognized migration tools to help migrate solutions between different environments.